A podcast where modern, childfree women share their life stories, and where we discuss topics important to the kidfree community.

The Honest Uproar Podcast is pre-recorded and our episodes can be found in three different types of formats:

  • Firecracker guest, featuring a childfree woman who tells us about her choice and how it has shaped her life and the way she feels about herself.

  • Expert episode, which can be either a Childfree lifestyle expert, or an expert on an interesting subject (who might or might not be childfree themselves).

  • The Megaphone, shorter episodes in which one person (it can be Isabel or a guest) talks about one specific subject and how it relates to the Childfree lifestyle.

The Honest Uproar Podcast was created to incite a stronger bond within the childfree community and to connect empowered women around the World.


Hello firecrackers! Welcome to The Honest Uproar Podcast!

Would you like to talk to us? Send us an email to podcast@theuprisingspark.com