The Uprising Spark was created to help modern, childfree women define and reach their life goals. We give these women powerful tools to help them strengthen their self-love and self-confidence so they can go out there and CRUSH IT!

At The Uprising Spark, we believe the main source of limitations preventing any childfree woman from finding happiness lies within her. It’s that inner voice that speaks to us negatively and makes us feel insecure and afraid. We call this voice the “Inner Ice Troll,” and we’re on a mission to melt all those suckers down!

Childfree women deserve to have the confidence to go after the lives they’ve always dreamed of without feeling any limitations, whether they originate from within or are a result of external/societal pressure.

We are committed to helping modern, childfree women light their inner spark and fuel it on a daily basis.

Our priority is to empower childfree women so that the choices each and every one of them makes going forward align with their chosen life purposes, which will result in a fulfilled and happy life on their own personal terms. We believe childfree women should be able to live life as they please and be convinced to their core that they deserve everything they achieve.

At The Uprising Spark, we know no-nonsense, no-BS, pragmatic solutions are the most effective way to tackle issues. We believe in focusing on the future. We believe looking into the past is only useful when remembering learning experiences or recalling moments that previously ignited your inner spark.

We believe our knowledge and experience as life coaches are valuable to childfree women who want help defining their life paths moving forward. But if this process is going to be successful, the most important ingredients are the coachees’ personal commitment, work, and effort. Therefore, as it is with any personal improvement endeavor, due to the subjective and participatory nature of the work the coach cannot guarantee the desired results will be achieved nor be held responsible for the results achieved.

Our coaching practice is designed to guide childfree women, and our primary objectives are to empower them, to help them become more conscious of their decisions, and to make them accountable to themselves for their life choices. We promise that the tools we give the coachees will be useful even after the completion of the coaching process, allowing those we’ve guided to continue optimistically along their chosen paths.

We are confident our coaching process has the power to benefit anyone who commits to it. However, we also understand that unforeseen situations can arise and that people, in their right of free will, can change their mind. With this in mind, we have created the Sealed with Fire Agreement for most of our programs. You can find it by clicking here.

The Uprising Spark stands by the values of Freedom, Love, Tolerance, Respect, and Inclusiveness, not only toward our coachees and within our childfree community but also toward humanity as a whole.


Hello, Firecracker! Thank you for visiting my website and getting this far in our statement about what The Uprising Spark stands for. I hope everything you have read so far resonates with you. <3

I created The Uprising Spark because when I first started to look for initiatives designed to cater to childfree women, I found very few. I was a bit disappointed, since there are so many of us out here! So, I decided to create one, myself, and I want it to become a beacon to guide us down the path of personal growth, both yours and mine.

The Uprising Spark was born to incite a stronger bond within the childfree community, and we do this by sharing experiences and spreading our values. If you’re here, it probably also means you’re looking for a space where you can feel safe and understood by others who feel the way you do. And if you are, then you’ve found it! 

If you’re interested on our coaching services and would like to know more, just click on the button below to schedule a free half-hour 1-on-1 call with me!